CAcert Logos

On this page you find a number of logos to add to your website. Help CAcert to get some publicity by using a logo to link back to or to indicate that you or your website are using a CAcert certificates for security and privacy.

If you want to use the graphics and design, or you want to contribute something, please read the CAcert Styleguide

Collection 1 created by Christoph Probst (November 2004) logo logo logo

How can I put a logo on to my website?

It is extremly easy! Just pick an image from the collections above and use it for example with the following html code fragment:

<a href=""><img src="INSERT-FILENAME.PNG" alt="" style="border-width: 0px;" /></a>

The result should get you something

Create more badges

CAcert lives from the community! If you want to contribute additional images please send them to to have them added to this website.

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